Reaching for degrees

An interactive web experience featuring vignettes on students in and from the MacArthur Park area. This page includes jQuery interactivity, a TimelineJS, and rollover video.

Proposition 47's Impact on Drug Treatment

A comprehensive multimedia experience exploring the effects of California's drug sentencing reform on offenders receiving drug treatment. The site includes an interactive map, an audiovisual gallery, and a drug crime arrest process comparison.

Presidential Primary Delegate Calculator

Designed in early May 2016, this interactive map includes a simulation of different outcomes in the Republican and Democratic presidential primary nominating processes. State results from previous primaries were stored in the candidates' delegate counts and served as a foundation for the user's predictions and different formulas were used to approximate different states' delegate allocation rules.

USC Immigration Resources Visual Database

A dynamic, sortable database provides users with an unprecedented resource to find experts in immigration at the University of Southern California. The database was developed using JSON and JavaScript loops.

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