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Mothers in Texas are dying, Legislature gets second chance to help

As doctors frantically tried to revive her 21-year-old daughter Cassaundra Perkins, Cheryl Givens-Perkins couldn't watch. She turned her back and looked out the hospital window.

"I was just thinking, is this really happening? Is this really fixing to happen?" Givens-Perkins said.

In Review: Transgender bathroom policy in the 85th Texas Legislature

Texas' debate on which public bathrooms transgender people are legally allowed to use has proved polemic. The Legislature did not pass any bills on the issue, which deeply divided lawmakers and the public alike, during its 2017 regular session.

Texas maternal mortality bills marked by key difference

Extending the work of a task force studying pregnancy-related deaths is one of the few issues on Gov. Greg Abbott's special session agenda that inspires bipartisan support.

However, the Texas House and Senate are taking somewhat different approaches to what the task force should be prioritizing in its work.

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A tale of two exonerees: Their struggles to be paid for years spent in prison

If Timothy Atkins gets the $713,700 he is eligible for, he said he would take the money "straight to the bank" so his four children and stepchildren could go to school and have some "extra change in their pockets."

"I want the simple things, the stuff that I've been away from for years," Atkins said. "It doesn't take much to make me happy."

Trump touts support from 'my African American,' says Clintons hate Obama

Presidential candidate Donald Trump said Bill and Hillary Clinton "hate" President Barack Obama and singled out an African American supporter in the crowd during a sweltering campaign stop in Redding on Friday.

Where did California's savings from reducing drug penalties go?

Voters were told Proposition 47's shift in emphasis from prison to rehabilitation could result in savings in 'the low hundreds of millions.' Yet the final savings figure to pay for prevention and treatment — reached after months of tense disagreements and accusations of betrayal — is far below the original estimate.

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Proposition 57 would return juvenile transfer power to judges from prosecutors in California

Seventeen-year-old Ryan Lo sat in a courtroom for the hearing where a judge would decide whether he would be tried as an adult on charges of first-degree murder.

California Legislature orders juvenile justice data overhaul

About a year ago, activist Marcia Rincon-Gallardo wanted to start researching how to best help Latino girls who end up in the juvenile justice system.

She then realized the data she was looking for didn't exist.

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South L.A. Native Kicks Off Grassroots City Council Run

Nuño, 39, has lived in South L.A. his entire life. By age 29, he had built a successful Hollywood graphic design career that would have allowed him to, in his words, "get out of the hood." But when he decided to start his own business, he made the unusual choice to base it in South L.A. Nuntilde;o's purchase of the Big House ignited his passion to serve local youth and prompted his newest endeavor: running for a Los Angeles City Council seat.

South L.A. High School Students Rock CODEchella

While other students spent their spring break hanging out with friends or hitting the skate park, around 35 high school students from the Southern California region were in class all day, every day learning how to code.

Build Better LA Creates Battle of Ballot Initatives

When the Build Better LA coalition submitted its ballot initiative proposal on Wednesday, it set the stage for a November showdown among voters on how to address rapid development in Los Angeles.

Rochester Post-Bulletin

Rochester district to ask voters for more money

The Rochester School Board unanimously approved a tax levy override referendum asking for an estimated additional $9.61 million per year in operating funding Tuesday night.

Minority groups in Southeast Minnesota remain uninsured

While MNsure boasts of plummeting uninsured rates among Minnesotans, a closer look shows that certain minority populations who have been left behind: in particular Latinos.

YMCA surveys community to plan future

Fifty years after the current Y building was originally constructed, Randy Reimer, chairman of the facilities development committee for the Y's board of directors, acknowledged that the current facility "needs some attention" to be best able to address future community needs.

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Immigration Executive Actions: Beyond Deportation

As the president's speech came to a close, the room grew somber and silent, and the weight of disappointment permeated the air. Although the executive actions announced were a victory for immigration reform activists, there was little celebration at a viewing party of the presidential address hosted by the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles.

What You Need To Know About Obamacare And The Supreme Court

In June 2012, President Obama breathed a sigh of relief as the Supreme Court largely upheld some of the main tenets of his signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act. His relief may have been premature; the court battle isn't over yet, and a Supreme Court vote against the law could deal a devastating blow.